Testimonies of clients and students

Event Planners Thank you kindly, it was much appreciated! Patsy, Rochelle, Joan and Debi.

Wendy 42 yrs RN Student/Client

Working with Joyce Turkington has spiritually empowered me to know truth at all levels of existence. For years I told myself and others that I was a seeker of truth, however, I limitedly understood the profundity of this desire. My knowledge of the energetic world expands exponentially to the realities, realms, time, space, etc. that was previously incomprehensible to my mind prior to working with Joyce.

I comprehend with reverence and humility the gift of healing my own work provides humanity. With trust, faith, determination, and an inquisitive spirit, my desire for truth and healing has found a home rooted in GEM Therapy, while supported with Chinese Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Qigong, and Meditation.

It was serendipity that brought Joyce to me. The saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will come,” is profound, as I was not seeking her or this calling, not that I was aware of consciously. As I look back, I see that I was ready, I needed this work personally for my own journey, my family, and now as I continue, how our Universal Family needs this healing work.

Alanna 27 yrs old Student/Client

Before working with Joyce: Drained fuzzy uncertain, heavy. Missing something like an itch, I can’t scratch. Restless, edgy, fragmented, untrusting, tired, hopeless, disconnected. Physical symptoms, upset stomach, bloated or weird, headache and sinuses.

After working with Joyce: Feeling confident, calm, whole, sure of myself, trusting of myself and decisions, future looks bright and hopeful, body feels balanced, vision and ability to see life and beauty, contentment, joy, supported, understood, advised/helped in exactly the way I need it, soul filled. The training I took with Joyce in GEM Therapy parts of my brain open up more. I ‘realize’ things, I have a more expanded ability to ‘listen’. Taking in divine information and guidance. The peace that comes with knowing I’m listening and acting on it and it becomes uncomfortable not to act/listen.It helps me move forward and make necessary changes to my life/decisions. From as small as foods to eat to big things such as where to live in the world.

Sally & Gordon: Students

Joyce, we are excited for you and for all those whom you will touch with your teaching/presenting AND your BOOK!!! We are blessed to have crossed paths and to have gained priceless knowledge and understanding because of your diligence in seeking truth and knowledge —and then lovingly sharing. Thank you so much!!! We do love you!!!

Jennifer 43 yrs Client/Student

When I first met Joyce I took an oil class. I felt she was knowledgeable on the subject. But the overall feeling I felt was peace, calm and loved. I wa seriously lacking that feeling in myself and I needed to feel that more, you helped me to now be more calm, collected, and peaceful. Still working on loving myself.

Wendy Student

Just want to say thank you for your efforts to create such a beautiful and simple healing process. It’s been fun and hopeful to see and anticipate small changes in my family. Geepers! We could do this work everyday, all day for all the healing that is needed.

Amelia 30 yrs.Client/Student. Wife and mother of 2

Before working with Joyce I was lucky to be alive. Literally! I was suicidal from age 9 to 14. That changed when I started working with Joyce. I have been working off and on with her for 17 years total, more steadily in the last 3. It has been an absolute game changer for me and my family. I have been able to heal and am continuing to live and enjoy my life more fully and I am more at peace. I will be forever grateful.

Sharon 63 yr old Client

When I first came to Joyce for help I was distraught, afraid, distrustful, scared, alone, no control and full of grief. Now I feel I can accept changes easier. I can let go of certain feelings and not have to control my space at all times. Still working but so much better.

Madi 20 yr old Client

I have always considered myself a spiritual person, but I had never realized the depth of our energetic connection to God, the universe and our future, before working with Joyce. She has opened my eyes and given me powerful tools to claim my life and see the world with new eyes. She is an exceptionally insightful and spiritual being. Her heart is as large as the state she calls home, and she goes out of her way to take care of any and all that she sees in need. She is very grounded in her beliefs and morals, and is true to herself in all types of company.After working with her and pending time with her, I have been truly blessed. She has taught me so many important life lessons, but the one that stands out the most in my mind would be that must include God in all things. Every step we take, we should take with eternal perspective, and we should be willing to make a course correction when we make a mistake. She is a very uplifting and motivational woman and does an excellent job explaining energy work. She knows how to make all the material accessible and can breakdown the steps to be easily practiced by all. She always seeks higher learning and reads many books and attends conferences and classes concerning information in her field. She has enriched my life and all the lives of those she comes in contact with.

Before working with Joyce I struggled with negative emotions. I was excited and curious to learn more about energy work. After working with her, I felt very optimistic about the future. I felt empowered and sure that I could move forward in happiness.

Sarah 46 yrs Client. Wife, mother of 7 children, owns her own business and home schools 2 of her children

While I don’t always recognise the weight I am carrying, the peace and relief I feel after working with Joyce is a powerful testament of the help and healing she is offering.

Wendy Client

Thank you for all that you do for our Universal Family. You are a special gift to countless. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & light.