K-Bay Wellness Center has an office on beautiful Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska. We have been serving Homer and surrounding area since January 1998. Many of the services and products we provide can be utilized from anywhere in the world. We are broadening our online visibility to reach more people that could benefit from our offerings.

Joyce Turkington is the owner of K-Bay Wellness Center. Joyce has lived in Homer, Alaska most of her life. She married her high school sweetheart and together with her husband Alan they raised 4 children. Joyce’s interest in healthcare and wellness coaching came from her own diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Using different holistic therapies she has been symptom free for 40 years.

Joyce is a Public Speaker, Teacher, Instructor, Coach and Facilitator. She is an expert in helping you to discover what is at the root of your symptoms. She teaches you the art of identifying and eliminating the negative perceptions that have a direct effect on your DNA by inserting the exact words that cleanse and charge the energy field for all generations.

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